Packed full of instructional information and high resolution photos, this guide to boxing fitness theory and technique provides an essential reference for anyone involved in this fantastic activity.

✔️ Learn the essential components of fitness training which underpin the boxing skills you'll develop.

✔️ Develop your punching techniques, based on fundamental anatomical and physiological principles.

✔️ Develop understanding of blocking, parrying, body movement, footwork and how to include these into your personal programme

✔️ Understand how to design, graduate and progress your own persona; boxing fitness programme to secure long term results and finally achieve your personal fitness goals!

✔️ Complete with a comprehensive 4 week introductory programme to get you started, Ubox provides you a fully accessible and easy to follow guide to developing your health, fitness and boxing fitness skills.

Ubox Personal Boxing Fitness - A Guide to Theory and Technique Ebook