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What You Focus on Expands....Really?!?

It has been said many times, by many different personal development experts, “ What you focus on is what you get!”.

The beliefs we hold shape thoughts we live with day to day . The thoughts we focus on (consciously or unconsciously) determine our behaviours. The results of these behaviours serve to reinforce the original beliefs and we continue, often stuck in a cycle of self supporting negativity.

Beliefs - Thoughts - Behaviour - Results

Think about it...the chronic cycle of failure for most people begins with the belief that this is the way it is! I will always be overweight/unfit/single/a failure in business/in debt...the list is endless. Their thoughts then focus on this t

his position and their behaviours, attitude and decisions all work to reinforce these thoughts. The result obtained then confirms the original change equals no change!

Doing the same thing and expecting different results is not only is a bit crazy. Often though the decision to change is so loaded with fear of the unknown and discomfort that it never happens. The focus of our thoughts and beliefs then serves to control our behaviours to attracting more experience that confirms those thoughts and beliefs, as this is where we are most comfortable. Whilst many personal development experts would have us believe this is down to the energy of our thoughts and simply focusing on the positive will bring more positive results to our live, I however disagree. The position has been caused by the confirmation of a simple human desire, the need to be secure and comfortable. Positive reinforcement is the key here. The results we have experienced, confirmed that the behaviour and thereby the thought process was correct. The challenge is to get alternative results, one’s that serve to disprove the behaviour and thought and/or reinforce more positive behaviours.

Now the game changes. It becomes more about obtaining small victories in behavioural terms which all add up and contribute to a big win. Changing one or two dietary habits (e.g. not eating bread or cutting down on sugars), introducing gradual increases to physical activity levels (e.g. daily walks, riding to work as opposed to driving, introducing a saving jar for small change...simple little strategies that overtime will produce a positive result. Changing any behaviour requires energy and if the change is too big, too fast or indeed there are too many changes made at the same time the opportunity for relapse (i.e. returning to the aforementioned comfortable behaviours) will increase. Therefore BIG change needs to start small.

Small wins will create more small wins, success breeds success. Lots of small successes will create a very different thought. One where positive change is not only possible, it works! The thought process then starts to shift and focus is given to the new results. The belief system has been rocked and has to shift to realign with the new behaviours. We win from changing from the bottom up!

Behaviour - Results - Thoughts - Beliefs

There is one thought that will light the fire here though. One belief that must be agreed. You are capable of anything. Now don’t confuse this with the idea that you can HAVE everything. That is as insane as expecting change without changing. However, whatever you want to do is possible, all it takes is a decision. A decision to start small, get some easy wins and know that this will grow into something major!

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