Strategic Boxing Series...Defensive Boxing...Understanding the 3 defensive layers...

June 18, 2018

Defensive Boxing...understanding the 3 defensive layers...A successful boxer cannot hope to just throw punches and expect to win. Limiting your mind and game to sole reliance on passive defence or aggressive attack strategy will eventually have the same end result, eventually you will get caught out. There has to be a genuine and natural flow in your game between attack and defence. A natural rhythm which provides one movement to set and facilitate the next. In isolated attack strategies this can be easily and readily identified through the use of combination punching and using a broken rhythm of range and speed. Defensively it is possible to perceive strategy as being focused in one of three layers, 1.Awareness 2.Guard/Blocking 3.Intrinsic/Counter.

1.Awareness - this is the most basic form of defence and yet it also encompasses some of the highest level technique (as such it sits as a 4th layer too) . At the most fundamental level, this simply means keeping your eyes on your opponent at all times. Understanding how they move, telegraph attacks and react to your feints, attacks and distractions is all part of being aware. Stepping up, this then begins to incorporate body movement and reaction speed. The underlying knowledge you have of your opponent allows you to make informed decisions (predictions) about where they will move and what they'll do. This coupled with a great sense of timing and tec