Psychological Warfare...What Motivates Us To Fight no

June 25, 2018

Psychological Warfare...what motivates us to fight?...What actually motivates us to do anything is a precise concoction of a varied and diverse array of influences. Whether you believe we are simply born to do a certain thing or whether we are shaped and influenced by our environment into that role/event, the fact is that it's a very complicated issue. Understanding what makes someone get into an arena (mat , ring or cage for our purposes) and put their physical safety at jeopardy for the sake of competition, is hugely and deeply personal. There is no set of predetermining factors here. There is no one single motivator which can be switched. The basic fact is that what makes me get up and do things, is wholly different to what you makes you do things. Oh and that person sat staring at you right now...what motivates them is different again.