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The best metabolic workout you will find...

Our unique, variable intensity interval training (VIIT) workouts are designed to challenge everyone! Whether you’re looking to begin a new activity programme or a regularly active, these sessions will demand strength and endurance in way that no other workout can.

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The BIGGEST results in the shortest time!

Using drills and techniques from a variety of martial arts disciplines, a minimum of equipment and requiring maximal effort. Our VIIT Training is a truly unique way of attaining your fitness and body shape goals. With each session lasting a maximum 30 minutes, these variable intensity intervals will boost your metabolism, burning calories, scorching fat and developing the fittest version of yourself possible!

Go beyond the gym and realise your potential!

Using either just functional  bodyweight movements, or simple exercises with equipment, you will discover the all the benefits true athletes can obtain.

You’ll get in the best shape of your life, testing your physical and mental stamina, whilst improving your body shape, endurance and overall wellbeing. athleticism. 

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