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The Boxing Fitness Textbook

An Ebook by Renegade Martial Arts

Discover secrets about boxing fitness that your class instructor will never tell you!


Packed full of instructional information and high resolution photos, this guide to boxing, fitness theory and effective technique provides an essential reference for anyone involved in this fantastic activity.

✔️ Learn the essential components of fitness training which underpin all boxing techniques and how you can apply these to what you do.

✔️ Develop your punching techniques, through understanding the fundamental anatomical and physiological principles.

✔️ Develop understanding of all aspects of boxing from blocking & parrying to body movement & footwork. You'll also know how to fully incorporate these into your own personal programme.

✔️ Understand how to design, graduate and progress your own personal boxing programme . Discover how you can truly guarantee your long term results and finally achieve your personal fitness goals!

✔️ We help you get started with a comprehensive 4 week introductory plan. Requiring no previous experience,equipment or serious fitness level, you can begin your boxing journey and develop at your own pace!


This is THE Boxing Fitness Textbook to provide you with a fully accessible and easy to follow guide to developing your health, fitness and boxing fitness skills.

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52 Blocks Boxing

Online Boxing and Personal Defense Course

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Martial Arts Equipment

Arawaza is one of the strongest brand names in the martial arts world offering a fine choice of quality products. Designed to meet the highest expectations of martial arts enthusiasts, their products are the choice of many world champions, instructors, as well as students of all ages and grades

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