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Something for all the family...

Our aim is to provide an effective programme of martial arts and fitness classes, providing opportunities for all ages and abilities.

 Our martial arts journey begins with our little ninja programme, for students from 3 years old. Little Ninjas is our own unique martial arts activity session designed to build balance, coordination, body awareness and confidence. We also offer family martial arts sessions (by arrangement), where everyone can participate regardless of age. 

For older children (7 years upwards) we progress into our Renegade Panther programme, offering the opportunity to develop in kickboxing or traditional Taekwon-do.

For adults (16 years upwards) we offer a range of martial arts, combat sports, personal defence and fitness sessions. From ITF Taekwon-do and Personal Defence, to our unique Ubox Boxing Fitness and VIIT Fitness Bootcamp style conditioning classes we offer something for all.

For competitive goals we offer a range of Combat Sport sessions, where we welcome all levels and abilities. These sessions are a fantastic way to improve health and fitness, whilst learning new skills and abilities at the same time.


Our Teaching Methodology

We believe that as teachers we are guides for students to understand and realise their own individual potential and capabilities. We recognise the responsibility this holds and we aim to individually support, acknowledge and encourage each of our students.

All our classes are taught in an exclusive, small group format. Through this we provide the highest quality of coaching and support for all participants.  

All Renegade Martial Arts classes are instructed by native English teachers and taught exclusively in English language. Renegade Martial Arts provide a unique way to learn the English language, whilst developing skills in dynamic martial arts.

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