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Ubox™ is our unique boxing technique and fitness programme aimed at developing skill, fitness and boxing capabilities for all. Our Ubox™ classes are inclusive sessions, suitable all for participants regardless of boxing experience, physical fitness and skill levels.

Float like a butterfly...

Our Ubox™ programme provides an unrivalled approach towards fitness boxing. Coached on a 1-2-1 or small group basis, Ubox™ offers a multi-levelled, highly effective and interactive programme. From footwork, body movement and punching, through to more complex combinations and defensive skills, Ubox™ builds to provide the most effective workout possible using real boxing techniques.

Warning this will seriously improve your fitness...

No contact, high intensity, boxing and body conditioning drills make Ubox™ the most innovative and effective boxing fitness programme available. We guarantee that these sessions will make a positive impact to your fitness, health and bodyshape!


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