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Boxing and Boxing Fitness

Be a contender...

Our approach to boxing coaching focuses on the development of boxing technique and boxing specific fitness. Our classes are inclusive sessions, suitable all for participants regardless of boxing experience, physical fitness and skill levels.

Float like a butterfly...

Our boxing programme provides an unrivalled approach towards fitness boxing. Coached on a

1-2-1 or small group basis, we provide you a multi-levelled, highly effective and interactive programme.

From footwork and body movement to punching technique, we start with a solid understanding of the basics and gradually progress to more complex combinations and defensive boxing skills. 

We work with you to provide the most personally effective workout possible using real boxing techniques.

Warning this will seriously improve your fitness...

No equipment, high intensity, with boxing techniques and body conditioning drills our boxing plans are some of the most innovative and effective personal fitness programmes available.

We guarantee that these sessions will make a positive impact to your fitness, health and bodyshape!

boxing inspiration
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The Boxing Fitness Textbook an ebook by Renegade Martial Arts

Click to get your copy now!

ersonal boxing fitness and technique
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