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Renegade Panthers

Panthers Tae Kwon Do

Our Taekwon-Do programme follows an age appropriate syllabus, based on the legacy of GM Choi Hong Hi and GM Hee Il Cho.

we provide a structured, progressed programme in which our students can learn the complete and dynamic martial art of Taekwon-Do.

As a Renegade Panther you’ll begin to learn not just the fundamental techniques, you’ll start to understand the application of these in regards to your personal defence. You’ll develop an understanding of the chang huhn patterns (or Tuls), as well as the many different types sparring.

You’ll understand the competitive side of Taekwon-do and develop a range of applications for competitions too.

most importantly, we’ll  provide you opportunity to fully understand the martial art and it's use for personal defence, physical and your own personal development.

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