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What is Taekwon-do ?

The dynamic Korean martial art of Taekwon-do was officially inaugurated on 11th April 1955, following considerable research and development, mostly within the Korean Army.

From it’s original inception as a military martial art, designed for close quarter combat, the global popularity of Taekwon-do has exploded with literally millions of people participating across the world. Today, Taekwon-do is incorrectly viewed by many people as just a competitive Olympic sport, with little or no other benefits.

At Renegade Martial Arts however we are dedicated to teaching Taekwon-do as we believe it was originally intended, a complete martial art for self defence.

Our Taekwon-do Philosophy

We retain a strong traditional root within our Taekwon-do teaching and as such we are dedicated towards teaching Taekwon-do as a military martial art as it was originally developed and conceived.

We couple our traditional view with 21st century training methodologies and extensive experience of delivering fitness and exercise, to make our Taekwon-do classes beneficial for all.

Our Taekwon-do classes provides all participants a path towards the development of physical, psychological and spiritual strengths.

What will I learn?

Our Taekwon-do syllabus covers all the major aspects of Taekwon-do as taught in the larger global federations, such as patterns, competitive sparring & destruction.


However, we also place a strong emphasis on areas that are often neglected, including pattern interpretation  (patterns contain strikes, locks, throws & pressure point techniques), pattern application (teaching the correct methods of applying the techniques found within the patterns) & street orientated self defence.


Taekwon-do for us is a complete martial art of self defence, which includes techniques in all ranges.

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