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Welcome to our unique children's language and wellness programme called little ninjas.

Exclusively designed and delivered to children of 3 to 6 years old, little ninjas provides an opportunity for all children to develop their gross motor skills in a structured, supervised and enjoyable activity session.


Little Ninjas is all about having fun and being active. We work to promote and develop positive lifestyle behaviours from day one.

chilrens martial arts


chilrens martial arts

All classes are instructed in English!

Our uniquely programmed sessions are delivered in English, by native English instructors. Using simple words and phrases, we not only encourage children to be active, we assist in the development and acquisition of English in a meaningful and functional manner.

Using techniques from martial arts and yoga, these sessions give our little ninjas the opportunity to improve flexibility, balance, coordination, agility and physical wellbeing. The goal for all our little ninjas is to simply get moving more often.


Whilst we offer a structured programme of progression, complete with belt testings, we emphasise participation and inclusion within this programme and proactively work to ensure all our little ninjas are engaged and having fun!

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