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Families that kick together stick together....

Sharing time and positive experiences are the keys to happiness. Studies have shown time and again, that those people who undertake an activity in a group are much more likely to participate and stick to it in the long term.

Starting, or changing, any type of routine can be challenging. Having people around who can positively support you, encourage and understand what you are going through is essential. Add in our need for social interactions and sharing and it is clear that the road to real success is to undertake activities with others.

One of the beautiful things about martial arts is that there is no "best" age to begin. The physical and psychological benefits are the same for adults and children. The development of individual potential; improvement in self confidence and belief; and increased personal health and wellbeing are universal benefits, available to all students.

Not only this, the physical nature of non-competitive martial arts, often relying on technical development in movement more than physical strength (or other similar attributes) means that age an never be a barrier to learning. The younger members of the family often acquire knowledge of technique more easily than the adults. However the adult members of the family often more readily acquire understanding of physical application and mindfulness. All these aspects are important to long term success but none so much as the mutual support provided between students, especially when they are family.

There are many pressures that modern life throws up which can serve to challenge the opportunity we have to make time for each other. Whether it's work pressure, school life or differing individual interests, the pressures on modern family life can mean family members become isolated from each other. Having a common interest which can engage all members of the family isn't just a good's essential. Our family tae kwon do sessions allow just this opportunity, providing a unique chance for all family members to engage in the same activity. The positive effect that this produces on the strength of family relationships is huge, We actively welcome families and offer all the chance to discover the benefits for themselves!

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