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Make Predictions...Not Resolutions - A Guide to Inspirational Goal Setting

Everyone has goals. In life, work or family we all have aspirations and milestones we want to achieve. However all too often we fail to realise these goals as we are unable to commit to the gruelling process that achievement requires. Instead of striving to attain these goals, many settle for being comfortable and existing with the average.

Learning how to set goals and working hard to attain them is critical. The difference between goal setting and goal achievement however is night and day. Setting goals alone is not enough, writing them down and then putting the paper away is a waste of time. Committing to massive action to achieve those goals is the key differentiator in the realisation of success.

The first step on the road however, must ensure that you start with the end in mind, that you can clearly see where you want to be, what it provides and how it feels. This is not a process for setting a goal, it is a process for predicting the achievement of that goal!

The 5 Step Process of Goal Prediction

1. Set a timer for 3 minutes. Now write down what you want, the point of the timer is to ensure that you don’t delay in your thinking. We often get overly focused on the negative, the “can’t do” and “must have” reasons why something is not viable. Yes, resources (money, time, etc.) are key however don’t worry about those things here. Use the time to focus on what is truly in your heart rather than the challenges to achieving it.

2 . Write down 8 to 12 goals you will have achieved by this time next year. This forces you to positively frame the goals you desire. Don’t focus on the “I would like to have….”, instead commit to the language of “ I will….”. Visualisation is fundamental to achievement, use the right language and picture in your mind how this will look and how you will feel having achieved these goals.

Now circle the one goal that has the potential to change your entire life. The “game changer” goal. This is the one that will snowball and ensure the achievement of every other goal on the list.

3. Having identified your game changer goal now map out the 20-30 things you must do to

Bruce Lee 1969 - Definite Chief Aim

make this happen. What are the tactical objectives and specific actions you must undertake to secure this goal? This forms the basis for your action plan and is the fundamental difference separating the winners from the other runners. Understanding what the actions you need to take are, significantly increases your opportunity for success.

4. Now you have the foundation of the action plan, transfer one or two of these things to a daily task list. This is the director for the relentless action you need to undertake in order to ensure the achievement of that big goal.

5. Finally review your position constantly. Ensure that your focus remains constant and that the actions you are undertaking are directing you forward to that “game changer”. In this you should be ready to accept that not everything is going to be easy or indeed go to plan. However there is never failure, only feedback, progression and development.

In summary making a definite commitment to achieve is not an easy path. It can be uncomfortable and takes great effort. However understanding where you want and being relentless in the pursuit of this day in, day out will get you where you want to be.

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