Fighting Ghosts! The art of hitting and not getting hit!

July 19, 2018


In combat sports (boxing, kickboxing, mma etc.) where striking is a key component, if you stand in front of someone toe to toe, sooner or later you're going to get hit. It doesn't matter how slick your Mayweather like body movement is, if you're flat footed and rooted to the spot will end in you catching a punch in the face. The challenge is then where do we draw the line between evasive movement and meaningful attack...

Being an elusive target is always the best idea. The longevity of this approaching to combat sports is clear to see, ultimately you are going to take less damage and therefore stay in the game longer. The determination here though is that being elusive, not getting hit often means that you're not in any sort of position to hit back. Running away is a strategy for sure, but the referee and judges may at be less accommodating of this. It's fundamental then that you combine your 'elusiveness' with meaningful offense.

Let's start at the absolute basic here. Everything comes from your feet. Power in striking and speed in movement rely on you positioning and moving your feet appropriately. Development in your upper body (if your focus is on hand striking) is important but no where near a fundamental as ensuring your lower body is coordinated and conditioned to provide the drive you need. Simple conditioning drills such as running, jump rope and cycling are great for both expanding your gas tank and providing the underlying conditioning you require from your lower body.