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VIIT or Variable Intensity Interval Training is our methodological approach towards enhancing strength, endurance and physical conditioning. 

VIIT is simply an exercise format where you rotate high intensity interval training, with medium and low intensity recovery periods. VIIT provides a balanced workout which positively challenges the body. It's quite simply a shorter duration, yet more effective workout. 

Typically, following mobility and warm up, you will start with a few high intensity rounds. These are performed as close to your maximal intensity possible. The method here (based duration of each each exercise and rest time between them) is all designed to facilitate a great quality of individual movement, at the highest output (speed and power) possible. These are followed by active rest rounds, where the emphasis moves towards higher volume of movements. These rounds are designed to focus on strength endurance, with the intensity reducing as the volume of movements increases. The final round of the session is all about mobility, reducing the heart rate gradually and allowing the body to recovery in an active manner, at more relaxed intensity.

VIIT is a great alternative for anyone who finds time intensive gym programmes, either unworkable or uninspiring. By altering your intensity levels, you can focus on the various aspects of fitness (e.g. power, strength, endurance, mobility, balance) whilst working through a variety of movements and modes of exercise. Our methodology of VIIT training utilises either body weight (VIIT FIT) or simple equipment (VIIT STRONG) to functionally challenge your body's natural movement. This allows for greater benefit and crossover to the typical activities of daily living, simply making you a stronger, healthier and more functional person. VIIT training also provides that spike to your metabolism following your training, just like a typical high intensity session should. However unlike other modes of metabolic training, VIIT provides that essential opportunity to work on enhancing strength, endurance and mobility!

Our VIIT Fitness sessions are unique! Each month we refresh, relaunch and reformat the sessions to ensure you will always be moving forward. New challenges, unaccustomed exercises are always the ones that will give you the most benefit and just as you think your body is adapting we will change it up! For more information contact us today!  

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